Euro 2012 in Poland & Ukraine

18 juni 2012

The Netherlands lost its final match against Portugal. It is a great disappointment for the Dutch team, who were in the finals of the World Cup in 2010. They needed to win the last match with a difference of at least two goals. They lost the first two games and this was their last straw of making it to the quarter finals of Euro 2012. It was called the “Miracle of Charkov” by the Dutch fans, if the team would succeed.

The one and only team who achieved such a “Miracle” is the United States soccer team. In all the continental and world championships, they are the only team who started with two losses and still ended second of the group during the Confederations Cup in 2009, according to research by Infrostrada. They lost against Italy (1-3) and Brazil (0-3), but finished with a 3-0 victory over Egypt, just enough for the second place.

But unfortunately, the Dutch could not do what the Americans did in 2009.

For which team are you cheering now? Let us know!


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