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Stage-USA was founded in February 2010 with the goal of offering quality internships in America to European students. Since then, it has grown to become a well-rounded company that serves students in every single aspect of fulfilling their dream to go to America. Stage-USA is based at the Haparandaweg 67-B6 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and has staff with a variety of cultural backgrounds, including American. In addition, some of our colleagues work mostly from America. One thing all the employees have in common is having had their own, personal experience of living in America for an extended period of time. An international experience begins with an international team! We would like to introduce our team to you.

Andries Bonneur, CEO

Andries Bonneur, owner of Stage-USA and Stage-Australia. Andries studied International Business in the US (Minnesota) and lived in Florida. He is the founder of the company and is driven to have the best placement programs in the US and Australia. Andries spends a large amount of his time in the US.



Janine Zagorny, General Manager

Janine is our General Manager and is mainly responsible for German applicants, placements and visa process. Due to her strong international drive she decided to start her bachelor degree in the Netherlands nearly 6 years ago. She is passionate about all things related to the USA, mainly due to her year long Au Pair experience on the west coast of America. Janine enjoys traveling (mainly to the US of course) and water sports.


Lora Schellenberg, Placement Coordinator

Lora is an American who grew up in the New York area and completed her bachelor's degree in Florida. After that, she came to Europe to work for Stage-USA, and is currently working part-time from London. She is passionate about world travel, the great outdoors, delicious cuisine, and photography. 





Tobias Pelzer, Placement Coordinator

Tobias mainly takes care of the Australian account in terms of placement support. He considers himself as a citizen of the world as he has been working and living in seven different countries around the planet. Australia is his favorite place where he spent one entire year of his life. Through a degree in tourism and leisure management as well as his international work and travel experiences he developed a good feeling for people and is able to match individuals to the right companies.


Margot Pijls, Placement Support

Margot is Placement Supporter at Stage-USA and responsible for the marketing-communication. After completing her Bachelor degree in Commercial Communication Management in The Netherlands, she realized her dream of living abroad by moving to Los Angeles to pursue her English course in Media & Arts. Several road trips through America and Mexico stimulated her to obtain a career in the international industry. 



Office The Netherlands:
Haparandaweg 67-B6
1013 BD Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: (+31) 0 20 68 23 026

Office USA:
80 S.W. 8th Street, Suite 2000,
Miami, Florida. 33130
Tel:  (+1)  347 274 8824


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