Emily in Los Angeles

Wonderful experience.

Score 4/5

Internship Emily

October 11th, 2017 I learned an incredible amount not just from the company I worked for and the branche I am interested in, but also from living abroad in this capacity during a very interesting time in my life. Read more >

Johnny in San Diego

The service was very good. I can't complain at all!

Score 4/5

Internship Johnny

September 22nd, 2017 Through a first Skype interview they immediately get all the information they need so they can start looking for you straight away. That being said, there are a couple of forms you will need to fill out. The sooner you do this, the smoother the process goes. I was lucky that the first company immediately worked out. I say lucky, but Stage-USA obviously played a big role in it, finding a perfectly fitting internship. Regarding the question of what could be improved, there is nothing I can think of right now. I applied pretty late, and I still got a dream internship. So I can't complain at all! Read more >

Tim in New York

Stage-USA has provided a wonderful service and helped me find the perfect internship. 

Score 4/5

Internship TIm

September 22nd, 2017 They are very friendly and helpful. If there is anything you need, you can just ask and they’ll be happy to help you out. Stage-USA helps out with pretty much everything, except for housing. They do give you a housing guide, but this aspect could be improved. Read more >

Ruben in New York City

I feel happy about my placement service provided by Stage-USA.

Score 4/5

Internship Ruben

September 21st, 2017 I have had several questions regarding the internship and they were answered very quickly by the people responsible. Getting the US visa was very simple due to the simple instructions that were inside the package I received Visa forms. From the beginning, I have been told the housing was an element that the applicant had to sort himself. However, I feel Stage-USA can add value to their services by spending resources in this area, possibly by giving the applicant a few options to choose from as to provide a small extra service to the applicant. Read more >

Esmee in New York

A big thanks to Stage-USA!

Score 4/5

Internship Esmee

September 13th, 2017 Big thanks to Claudia! She really has been helping me greatly throughout the whole process, she was available whenever I needed some answers or help and always answered really quickly. She always followed me up on things I still needed to do and always provided me with a clear overview of the process. Andries was always available, really, 24/7 for any urgent matters.  Read more >

Simone in New York

The Service Stage-USA provided was really good.

Score 4/5

J1-Visa Simone

September 5, 2017 The Service Stage-USA and specifically Claudia provided was really good. I trusted them to help me with my visa and I always had the feeling I could ask everything. In the time between delivering all the documents and getting to hear that the sponsor was going to give the DS form. I would have liked to get an update on how long it was going to take. Read more >

Mabel B in Decatur

I think the service from Stage-USA is really good!

Score 5/5

AuPair Mabel

September 4, 2017 I think the process and the service from Stage-USA are really good. They kept me posted and stayed in touch. If I had any questions, they always gave me the right answers. The process can be long but, it is really worth all the time which was given! I don't think I have anything that could be improved on because Stage-USA did a great job! Read more >

Sabine D in New York

My internship program has been an enriching experience.

Score 5/5

Internship Sabine

August 21, 2017 My internship program has been an enriching experience, to say the least. It has been a pleasure to have been given the opportunity to work with so many clients, learning the different natures of their businesses, and finding the best way possible to provide our financial management services. I achieved my goal from the beginning, which was to maximize this experience by learning and working amongst my peers. I have also gained such valuable insight into this industry and the clients that we offer our services to. Overall, I would say that I was able to perform consistently to the best of my abilities whilst setting the bar higher each time. The internship program for me exceeded my expectations. My mentors in the firm have guided me throughout the internship, watching me grow with the company through the work that I do. We have such a conducive environment for working here. My supervisor saw the potential in my capabilities and from the beginning of this internship never set a limit to what I could accomplish. That is what is vital in a mentor, that he sees untapped potential and molds you to become better at what you do, in all that you do. I am commending the service Stage USA has provided. I had no problems all-throughout my internship. Great work! Read more >

Thomas H in Fort Valley, Virginia

Everything was brilliant! 

Score 5/5

Internship Thomas

August 17, 2017 Everything was brilliant! All the staff are very nice and welcoming. The area is beautiful here and the horses that I am working with are a pleasure to be around. I am already learning a lot and looking forward to the year ahead. The service provided by Stage-USA was excellent. I don’t think that there is anything that could be improved about the service. I struggled to get a few of the documents required, which resulted in my start date being moved, of which the staff were very helpful. Read more >

Cindy V in New York

My internship is the best experience I have ever had.

Score 5/5

J1 Visa Cindy

August 15, 2017 My internship is the best experience I have ever had. I learned so much during the program and I had an amazing time in New York City. It is a great experience to do an internship in a foreign country. My company was an amazing company, with amazing people. They give you the opportunity to learn a lot. From Customer Service and Marketing to Human Resource Management.  I don't have any improvements for Stage-USA to make. Read more >

Jordy V in New York

I really enjoyed my time there.

Score 5/5

Internship Jordy

August 3, 2017 My internship went well! I have gained a lot of insights in the professionalism and culture of New York. My supervisor showed himself to be a great teacher from whom I have learned a lot. The company is currently transitioning from a startup-like company to a more corporate one. This is fun and noticeable in the way policies are changing at a high pace. So, I recommend being flexible in regards to this. All in all, the company is a great company that really values the work and input from their interns. I really enjoyed my time there. I can't think of any improvements for Stage-USA to make. Read more >

Franziska H in Middleburg, VA

Really friendly people and a great service at Stage-USA.

Score 5/5

AuPair Franziska

August 1, 2017How do you feel about the application process and the placement service provided to you by Stage-USA?They always answered any questions I had and explained things very understandable. They let me be part of every step and let me know what's going to happen. So I am very satisfied with that.  Is there anything you think could be improved about the service?I couldn't think of anything. Really friendly people and a great service at Stage-USA. Read more >

Vanessa G in New Jersey

The process, as well as the service provided, was perfect.

Score 5/5

J1-Visa Vanessa G

July 28, 2017 I felt very supported by the Stage USA Team and the process, as well as the service provided, was perfect. Thank you all again for your help and effort. The only thing I might want to say is that it took me quite a while to find an internship until I found my own one. Maybe it would be great if you could try to generate even more companies in my field, but other than that I was very pleased with Stage USA. Read more >

Nikky in Honolulu

These are some of the best pictures of my time here in Hawaii!

Score 5/5

J1 Visa Nikky

July 11, 2017 Even though Hawaii is officially a part of the USA, it sure does feel like its very own country! I am trying to get the most out of my internship and then go and explore Hawaii on the days off. My experiences are almost indescribable, I was lucky enough to swim with wild sea turtles, learn how to surf, see the most beautiful beaches, and find the most amazing waterfalls in the green mountains and jungle. Hawaii's culture is just as amazing as its nature and the people are super friendly. I am still learning, exploring and making new friends every day!You can see in the photos, Stairway to Heaven, Lantern Floating Festival on Memorial Day, Lanikai Pillbox Hike, KoKo Head Hike, and Sacred Falls.   Read more >

Barbara in Boca Raton

I was very happy with the service!

Score 5/5

Internship Barbara

July 11, 2017 I had an outstanding time. In the case of the company I was working, I learned a lot and was able to learn a lot and also transfer my own idea into the company strategies. It was a great environment, a fantastic team, a place where you can learn a lot. I was very happy with the service from Stage-USA and the way I have been looked after. Read more >

Mark in Los Angeles

Great support throughout the whole process!

Score 4/5

J1 Visa Mark

July 11, 2017 My program went very well, great support throughout the whole process, which made everything clear and my stay a whole lot better! For an idea of improvement, there could be a progress bar somewhere online where students could track their visa process. This could bring a huge peace of mind. Read more >

Romay in New York

I have an amazing internshipI have an amazing internship!

Score 4/5

Internship Romay

June 22, 2017 I am very pleased with the service from Stage-USA. I have an amazing internship in Financial District at a company that is perfect for me. I had contact with the j1 visa coordinator during everything and she has been a big help. I could always ask her anything and she would always respond within a day. The only improvement suggestion I have it that the costs were a little confusing and it was not very clear to me for what I was paying, when,  so maybe you could give a bit more information about that? Read more >

Hans in New York

I am very satisfied with Stage-USA

Score 5/5

Internship Hans

May 15, 2017 Very satisfied. Stage-USA offered me an internship in NYC with a great and fun team to work with. They took care of my papers afterward and got me to the USA in the fastest possible way. I am very glad I ended up here and got to work with this company they found for me. Great service and if I ever need to find a new internship here I would use them again. During the search for an internship company, I sometimes felt like I could have been updated a little more often after sending an email about how things are looking. I once decided to call them to get an answer immediately. It would be good for an email even if it is to say that there is no update yet. That what I would advise. But, please keep in mind that this is a minor thing. Read more >

Johannes in Mountain View - California

Everyone in the company was very nice!

Score 4/5

J1-Visa Johannes

May 4, 2017 It went very well. Once the VISA process was finished, everything went smoothly. The visa process took a little longer than expected, this could be communicated better. But, It was a great experience. Everyone in the company was very nice and helped when needed. Read more >

Patrina in California

The services provided to me were great!

Score 5/5

Internship Patrina

May 7, 2017 The services provided to me were great. Sage USA, helped to land a great traineeship here in the US and it has been going great so far. They take the time to get an internship/traineeship can be a little slow, which is expected but, outside of that, I had no issues with the agency so far. Great company. Read more >

Carlos in New York

The service is really excellent.

Score 5/5

Internship Carlos

February 28, 2017 The service is really excellent. Emails are answered very quickly and the process overall is explained in a very simple matter. The placement process took more than expected but this was mainly my fault as I was being persistent in getting the best possible placement. I thank Rebecca andAndries for their patience and assistance they gave me.Maybe during the visa process, you can change sponsor as took more time than I expected Read more >

Marleen in San Diego

It was an amazing experience! It exceeded all my expectations

Score 5/5

Internship Marleen

January 26, 2017 It was an amazing experience, it exceeded all my expectations and it was one of the best experiences of my life!The company I was placed at was so welcoming.You become part of the team right away. They try their very best to make you feel at home and they are there for you. The overall service from Stage-USA is perfect, everything is very clear - the support is amazing, which makes you feel like you're never alone in rough situations. One point of feedback though is the resume. I received a resume format to fill in for sending to US companies, which contained a portrait photo and date of birth. My supervisor at the company told me that a photo and date of birth on a resume is very unlikely in the States - so my only feedback would be to take another look at the resume format. Read more >

Veronica in Los Angeles

The service provided by Stage-USA was excellent. 

Score 5/5

Internship Veronica

January 25, 2017 The placement process went smoothly and the service provided by Stage-USA was excellent. The communication was fast and easy, I was provided with all the necessary information and help throughout the whole time. The application and placement process was pretty quick to find a suitable internship program, it was even faster than I had expected. The program is exactly what I've requested, I'm happy to be working at the tour operator company in Los Angeles. I think the quality of service is really great, can't think of anything that would require improvement. Read more >

Hilda in New York

Stage-USA has shown me such a level of professionalism that most companies don't manage to achieve in their lifetime.

Score 5/5

Internship Hilda

December 30, 2016 I believe I could not have found a better place to do my internship. The environment at the company was challenging, interesting and I feel that I have truly grown professionally and also as a person during this period.  I am truly grateful that I had the opportunity to work with some of the most special and kind people that I have met in my life. Always ready to help and mentor, they made the time spent here to be one of the best of my life. I can truly call them now as my New York family.  Stage-USA has shown me such a level of professionalism and trust that most companies don't manage to achieve in their lifetime. I am truly glad that I have found this agency and that I had the chance to work with such amazing people. I am completely grateful! Read more >

Weronika in Orlando

I have had an absolutely amazing time!

Score 5/5

Internship Weronika

December 30, 2016 I have had an absolutely amazing time, I didn't have any troubles adjusting to a culture of the country I lived in, nor to the company I worked for. I was lucky to get to know really nice people that I could share American experience with and have unforgettable adventures! Most importantly, working for my host company gave me very good insights into tourism industry and without any doubts I can tell that it was a productive and great quality internship.  My host company treats its interns very well, as I had an impression that they are put equally to full-time employees. Hence, I was given very responsible tasks that posed a chance to develop myself considerably and this way I learnt a lot. With Stage-USA everything works great! Possibly there could be more help arranged in regards to finding accommodation to support the intern in their search to avoid anything problematic. Read more >

Shanice in New York

My internship went really well.  My host company everything went perfect.

Score 4/5

Internship Shanice

October 31, 2016: My internship went really well. I enjoyed my time at this company and I learned a lot. The company gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about accounting but I also did some audit reporting. I have really nice coworkers and we also met after work.  At my host company, everything went perfectly. I only had an internship for 10 weeks, so it was pretty short. They still gave me the chance to meet with different clients and I worked with 3 different accounting systems. For improvements, I think the process for the visa could be shorter. It took 3 months to get my visa and that was more than I expected. Read more >

Nathan in Miami

The placement process with Stage-USA was very clear to me I am happy about that.

Score 3/5

Internship Nathan

October 18, 2016: The placement process with Stage-USA until the interview was very clear to me and I am happy about that and I am doing well at my company. After being placed at a company I feel that it would be a good improvement for Stage-USA  to give a little more information about the visa steps and send extra updates about the visa to the student while they are waiting for it to be approved. Read more >

Cecily in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

The moment I started with  Stage-USA they were absolutely excellent!

Score 5/5

Au Pair Cecily

October 17, 2016: I already had my host family lined up but from the moment Stage-USA were involved they were absolutely excellent. My liaison in the Netherlands was extremely helpful, very friendly and understanding and very effective and efficient. 5*s The screening process can be overwhelming and a clearer overview would have been preferred. Read more >

Samira in San Anselmo - California

I think Stage-USA's service is great!

Score 5/5

Internship Samira

October 10, 2016: I am very satisfied with the placement service and the help that was provided to me by Stage-USA. I am enjoying my internship, in San Anselmo, California very much! I think that Stage-USA's service is great! Read more >

Barbara in Boca Raton, Florida.

I`m very happy about choosing STAGE-USA.

Score 4/5

Internship Barbara

October 06, 2016: The support of Rebecca Grove and Andries Bonneur was great. I got answers for any question straight away.  I would like to  say a big thank you to both of them.  I`m very happy about choosing STAGE-USA. In between the waiting time for the process and the confirmation from the visa agency, it would good improvement for the future to add extra updates for the students. Read more >

Sabrina K in Orlando

Great service and support!

Score 5/5

Internship Sabrina K

September 19, 2016 I’m very satisfied with the support of Stage-USA. If there were any questions, e-mails were answered almost every time on the same day or even within just a few minutes/hours. There’s also the possibility to get in contact with Stage-USA via Skype, which makes it super easy to get all the answers you need. Great service and support!! Read more >

Arne in Washington DC

I have learned more than I ever expected.

Score 5/5

Traineeship Arne

September 13, 2016: I am very satisfied with this Traineeship in the past 6 months. I have learned more than I ever expected. The company added value to me and I added value to them. It was win-win situation. It has been a great experience to work at company that is growing so fast. I have not only gained great skills but also personal insights. Even as a trainee I had full respect as each staff member. My ideas and Initiatives were takes seriously and even implemented.  The level of responsibility and trust I received allowed me to perform at my best. Everyone has been very nice and professional. Read more >

Floris in San Diego

I had an experience, which cannot be matched.

Score 5/5

Internship Floris

September 02, 2016 My internship went very well. Next to the challenging work itself I feel that experiencing the USA has been very beneficial to me. Before and during my stay in the United States I have had great help from Stage-USA. All help and instructions were provided in a clear manner. I would have liked to receive a little more information about the payments for my visa, but my questions were always answered. I am very satisfied by my host company. They offered me an experience, which cannot be matched. They were supportive during all stages of my internship and provided me with helpful knowledge and insights for the future.  Read more >

Marianne in Miami

In my opinion everything was perfect.

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa Marianne

August 22, 2016: How satisfied are you with the level of support you have received from our visa service?I am very satisfied with the level of support I have received. Is there anything about the overall service and support provided by StageUSA that could be improved?In my opinion everything was perfect. Read more >

Sarah in Miami

Stage-USA has been a great help, thank you!

Score 4/5

J-1 Visa Sarah

July 29, 2016: The internship is great! I’ve been learning a lot in a short period, I’m really happy about everything. The training is going as planned and as stated in my training plan.  Read more >

Marwa in New York

I was very satisfied with Stage-USA because I could always call/email them about everything, and they all offered me excellent help every time I needed it.

Score 5/5

Marketing Internship Marwa

July 28, 2016: My internship was really great. It was one of the best experiences that I have ever had. I loved the people I worked with in New York. Everything was Amazing.  Read more >

Celine in New York

I think the service was extremely quick and pleasant, quick and accurate.

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa Celine

July 26, 2016 I was very satisfied with the level of support I received from the visa service. I always got a quick response to my questions and emails and the team was extremely patient and helpful.  I don’t think there is anything that should be improved. Read more >

Esther in New York

My internship is living up to what I thought it would be and it has even exceeded my expectations at times.

Score 4/5

Management Internship Esther

July 25, 2016 My internship in management is going really well, just as I expected.The tasks that are stated in my training plan are being properly followed. What I would like improve in my internship is to be more involved in cultural activities. If this happens it will be very appreciated. Read more >

Marleen in Boca Raton

Stage-USA is doing a great job with their service, and they are a great support on getting an internship in the USA with all the formalities. Thank you so much!

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa Marleen

June 29, 2016: I am very satisfied with the support of Stage-USA's visa service. Every question I had was answered in a very clear way - I never ended up having questions left.  Read more >

Naomi in San Diego

The process and the team were amazing, Thank you Stage-USA !

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa Naomi

June 24, 2016: I have really received an excellent support on the visa service. I would also really like to thank Rebecca Grove for her excellent support over the whole process. She has really done a fantastic job, in a practical sense, but also with the patience she has shown as to all questions I had. She was truly a great support.  Read more >

Rosita in New York City

This internship has helped me find out what I might do as a career in the future which is very important to me. 

Score 4/5

Marketing/Communication Internship Rosita

My name is Rosita and I am interning in New York City. I really enjoy my internship. I get loads of responsibilities and all the tasks which are given to me are quite diverse, which makes my internship really interesting. I even got to manage when my bosses were at a meeting during a whole week. My co-workers and supervisors are great - They are very helpful.  I feel like I am learning a lot during this internship, and I look forward to the upcoming months !  Read more >

Myrthe in New York

From the moment I arrived in New York, I have enjoyed every single minute and I would recommend this experience to everyone! 

Score 5/5

Internship in New York

05-13-2016: My name is Myrthe and I am interning in a real estate office in New York. When I was younger, the ‘Devil wears Prada’ was one of my favorite movies and I always dreamed of going to New York and being able to work in such a big city. Doing an internship abroad was my first opportunity to go and live my dream. Talking to other people who did an internship abroad and hearing about their experiences made me want to go, too.     Read more >

Francesco in Miami

I recommend an experience abroad like mine to everyone! When you go back in your country you will feel completely different in a good way! If I have to describe my experience using a sentence: Improving and living like never before!

Score 5/5

Marketing Traineeship

April 22, 2016: It has been 3 months that I have been doing a traineeship in Miami for an American firm. I received a PhD in marketing and communication in Italy and have decided to do a traineeship in this field in the U.S to practice my skills. This experience has definitely allowed me to develop a different point of view when it comes to my job – I have the opportunity to give the company my experience but my host business is giving me much more – something different to describe. Read more >

Shelley in Miami

The support you get from Stage-USA is great. When you contact them, they immediately respond with all the information you need

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa Service - Shelley

April 22, 2016: The support you get from Stage-USA is great. When you contact them, they immediately respond with all the information you need. My Stage-USA contact person always helped me with questions and that I didn’t have to hesitate to ask if something was unclear. It is nice to know that if you have any questions about anything and you send an e-mail, there is always someone who gives advice and information - I always received an email back within an hour.All the emails I received were very clear. I even received calls for some information about my host business for my internship. This company does what they have to do and that gives me a reassuring feeling. Read more >

Arne in Washington D.C

Very satisfied. Stage USA provided comprehensive and complete information during the entire visa process. 

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa Service Arne

March 18, 2016: Very satisfied. Stage USA provided comprehensive and complete information during the entire visa process. I think it would be very convenient to have a clear overview of all costs/expenses at the beginning of the visa process. In my experience, costs were stated in various documents. Maybe one small thing related to housing. In my case it proved to be very difficult to find housing somewhere in Washington DC center. Not only is it incredibly expensive compared to any other city I’ve visited, there are various hurdles (12-month lease terms, minimum income requirements) that are convenient to know beforehand. Then again, this could be very specific to housing in Washington DC. For the rest, top notch service.   Read more >

Kimberly in San Diego

Stage-USA assisted me with finding a suitable internship, helped me with all the paper work and supported me when needed. They arranged my visa through a sponsor in the USA, which also includes healthcare!

Score 5/5

Event Management Internship in San Diego

March 9, 2016:  For school I have to do a three-month internship. I really wanted to go to the USA, but I knew that it was going to be a challenge. Lots of things need to be arranged, let alone finding an internship. I knew that I needed help and found Stage-USA online. I had a conversation with a Stage-USA representative and knew right away that they were the ones who were going to help me find the internship of my dreams! They assisted me with finding a suitable internship, helped me with all the paper work and supported me when needed. They arranged my visa through a sponsor in the USA, which also includes healthcare! Dinner and drinks close to the beach after work? San Diego makes it possible! Read more >

Celine in Miami

Thank you so much Stage-USA for helping me find this amazing internship in Miami. It is a great opportunity to gain global work experience.

Score 5/5

Marketing Internship in Miami

March 9, 2016: Thank you so much Stage-USA for helping me find this amazing internship in Miami. It is a great opportunity to gain global work experience. I am totally enjoying my working life in Miami. Stage-USA also helped me with the Visa Process and did a great job. They answered all my emails and responded to all my questions within a day.  Read more >

Alexia in Miami

The Stage-USA service was friendly, professional and efficient!

Score 5/5

Operations internship in Florida

March 3, 2016: My internship has been really good so far- it's allowed me to participate in various tasks within the Operations department whilst giving me responsibilities and ownership. I love South Florida and its diversity: people, language, culture.. I experience the service of Stage-USA as friendly, professional and efficient. This could be your daily commute to your intern-or traineeship!    Read more >

Marwa in New York

They inform you when you need to be informed. They help you from A to Z. I think the overall serveice is amazing. Very kind people work at Stage-USA. Happy I worked with them!

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa Service - Marwa

February 29, 2016: I am extremely satisfied. Stage-USA stuck with me through everything and words cannot explain how happy I am. There is nothing else I can say except that I am happy with all the help I got.  Read more >

Nishant in New York

Stage-USA makes sure that they help you with all the required documents that are needed and support you with all the steps, until you receive your J-1 Visa. The level of satisfaction is definitely 5 stars for me.

Score 5/5

Marketing/Sales Internship

February 24, 2016: Overall, how do you feel your internship went?  My internship in NYC went well and beyond my expectations. As a marketing/sales intern at an event organization I was not only working in the office, but also had the privilege to work with some of the best clients/venues in NYC. Working in the New York Public Library, Lincoln Center and in the Hamptons and with clients like Armani, Versace and Ferragamo were things I could only dream of. Hard work is expected in the American Business Culture, but success is also rewarded. It was a great experience and some of my colleagues even became really close friends.  What did you love the most about New York city? I think I instantly fell in love with NYC. The best thing about being in the city for a long time and what I loved the most is that you experience NYC more as a local. There is always something to do in the city, it never sleeps as they are saying and that's the truth. The nightlife, restaurants, central park, attractions, street performances but also the beautiful Skyline are all things that I think you could not experience in a better place. Not to forget about the holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve.  Here you can see the beautiful New York skyline. Top of the Rock, the Empire State or the recently opened World Trade Observatory will allow you to get a great shot of the city! Read more >

Vera in New York

My emails and questions were answered incredibly quickly and they were answered with great patience and good explanations

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa - Vera

February 17, 2016: I am very satisfied. My emails and questions were answered incredibly quickly and they were answered with great patience and good explanations.  Read more >

Anouk in New York

I do not really have any improvement recommendations. I am highly satisfied, especially because the responsiveness of Stage-USA has been so extremely good.

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa Anouk

February 5, 2016: I am very satisfied with the J-1 visa support that Stage-USA gave me. They were always very responsive and easy to reach. I probably could not have been able to go to the United States so soon if it were not for all their help.  Read more >

Bart in New York


The J-1 visa process takes very long and requires patience and a lot of knowledge about the process. Stage-USA delivered the perfect support. 




Score 5/5

J-1 Visa service

I can give an A+ for the visa service of Stage-USA. I had a lot of questions and my Host Company in the USA was not the fastest, but Stage-USA was always professional and helped me if necessary.  It was very important for me and the Host Company to get a clear image of the visa process. Stage-USA did a great job clarifying and explaining the process step by step. Even with setbacks, Stage-USA always had a positive approach and worked on solutions. The J-1 visa process takes very long and requires patience and a lot of knowledge about the process. Stage-USA delivered the perfect support. Read more >

Pascalle in New York City

Stage-USA has been more than helpful in arranging everything, including the arrangement of my J1-visa. The support I received from them was outstanding, and also during my time in New York they were more than willing to help me out. Every question was followed up with a quick response from their end. I don’t have anything to complain, the only thing I would like to change is to be able to stay in NY forever.

Score 5/5

Marketing Internship in NYC

My internship in New York is amazing! NYC is a great city, and literally ‘’the city that never sleeps’’. There hasn’t been one dull moment, I have been enjoying every single bit of the city. It is a whole other experience to live in New York, compared to the ‘’regular tourist visit’’. It is still a chaotic and busy city, but you have enough time to explore everything on your own time. You experience the city as a real New Yorker, not as a tourist. I absolutely love New York! Read more >

Jurgen in New York

I am very satisfied with the level of support provided by Stage-USA. I always felt welcome to call or e-mail any questions that would arise during the entire past year, which is very important. Also, the questions that I had were answered in a timely and comprehensive manner!

Score 5/5

Business Internship in New York

My internship was everything I hoped it would be, and more. First of all, my host company itself gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about what the market research industry is like, how market research is conducted and -subsequently- how strategic analyses can be performed. Read more >

Jasemin in New York City

My internship is living up to my expectations and beyond. I work more closely with my supervisor than I expected, but yet have enough freedom to make mistakes and learn.

Score 5/5

International Business Intership in NYC

In my opinion, my internship is going really well. I work full time as a sales representative at the company. But I am also doing other tasks at the office, it is great to have so much responsibility. Also I enjoy spending time with my co-workers and supervisor.   Read more >

Ivo in San Diego


There is nothing that would improve my internship experience!

Score 5/5

Sports and Physical Education Internship, San Diego

My internship is going very well. In the beginning I was working on some small things. Since a couple of weeks I am working on some bigger assignments/projects. I learn a lot while I work on those projects. Besides that the people I work with are very kind, helpful and funny. So in general, I have a great time here and I learn a lot! Read more >

Steffanie in Boca Raton

The internship is not living up to my expectations. It is even better.

Score 5/5

Business Internship in Boca Raton

The working environment is perfect: there is time to work hard and there is time to do some catching up. The people here are genuinely interested and really nice. I feel that my internship is going well. The first weeks I had to adjust to the weather, language, culture and new working space. After that, I quickly found my way in the company. I learned a lot of things about marketing and sales and my colleagues are always here to answers questions, no matter whether it’s a personal, cultural or a work-related question. They also give me the chance to see the country and to take part of the culture. Last week I even got to go to prom with the students here.  At this moment I am working on my end project for school and I cannot believe how fast the time went. Read more >

Gijs in San Diego

I’m having a lot of fun but I’m also learning a lot. There are some very experienced people working here and I always learn when I’m working with them. The tasks that I get are fun and I feel like I’m really helping out.

Score 4/5

Sports Management Internship in San Diego

It is going as I expected, or even better. Everybody at the company is very nice and always helpful and I am learning a lot about sport management, marketing, sponsoring etc. I feel good and part of the team. San Diego is a very beautiful place to be and I am content with the housing. Read more >

Jeroen in Philadelphia

The overall experience is fantastic and way too short!

There is nothing I would like to improve! If there was a possibility I would extend my stay.

Score 5/5

Short Training

  My Internship is going very good, I am getting all the opportunities to evolve on a personal and business level. The company is giving me loads of handles which will prove to be very useful in the future. The overall experience is fantastic and way too short! I am very pleased with all accommodations, my house, friends, colleagues and other experiences.  My internship is certainly living up to my expectations, the colleagues are more than nice and show me as much as possible on a working and personal level. I am learning loads and I am experiencing the real USA. Read more >

Riccardo in New York City

Amazing internship experience at an Italian Tour Operator in the heart of New York City. This Internship gave me the opportunity to grow, to enjoy New York and to have a fantastic year. 

Score 5/5

Business Development Internship NYC

Amazing internship experience at an Italian Tour Operator in the heart of New York City. This Internship gave me the opportunity to grow, to enjoy New York and to have a fantastic year.  Read more >

Ayla in Newport Beach

My internship went great, the company was awesome and I received excellent support: definitely 5 stars! 

Score 5/5

Sales and Marketing internship

I learned a lot about business and work, but also about the American culture and life. I love the company's work environment and their attitude towards customers. They provide excellent customer service. In addition, everyone was very friendly, respectful and helpful to me. I felt comfortable right from the beginning. Besides that, the people have great sense of humor - I think I will miss that the most. I'm very satisfied with Stage-USA. During the placement process Janine was always available. If I have to rate her, I would give her a 10 out of 10. Thanks for everything! Read more >

Leo in W Portsmouth

Great and challenging internship. It does not have to be New York or Los Angeles, living and working W Portsmouth, NH provides me with the full-on American Lifestyle experience. 

Score 5/5

Sports Marketing

I feel great, my internship is an amazing experience. The team I’m working with is very friendly and funny. Some of my teammates are friends now. I  have a lot of responsibilities, which is what I was looking for. I feel like what I’m doing is important for the company. I'm following the tasks stated in my Training Pan. My work is getting harder and harder and I receive great feedback from my supervisiors, which I'm very proud of.  My internship is outperfoming my expectations. The city is great, so is the life. I really enjoy going to work every day. Read more >

Tristan in Florida

I feel pretty confident about the result of my internship. At this point, the colleagues and my school are satisfied with my accomplishments and I feel I have learned a lot. Also, I have had a great time learning about America and living the life of a Florida-resident.

Score 5/5

Sports Management

I am very happy with the support I have received from Stage-USA. All the paperwork and administration was arranged on time, I always got immediate response to e-mails and questions. They prepare you really well for the interview with the company. I have nothing to complain about. The only thing I can think of that you have to do some jobs that aren’t really on the level of a Bachelor or Master degree student. But on the other hand, every company has those kind of tasks. And to be honest, if you decide to do a foreign internship, you have to be at a point in your life where you can function on your own, have your own ideas and input, so you can make the best out of your internship yourself. Read more >

Barry in California

Everything that has been outlined in my training plan has been done accordingly. My host company is following the steps in the training plan which I like a lot.  

Score 4/5

Tourism & Management

I am halfway my internship now and I enjoy it very much. The tasks and duties I have to do are interesting and I learn a lot more about the tourism industry every day. I am very happy with my decision of going to the States.  Read more >

Justin in Florida

I am very pleased with my internship. Since I’m in an area which is quite unknown it was difficult what to expect. I’m glad it turned out like this! 

Score 4/5

Sports Research

I’m really glad I took this opportunity and I feel I learned a lot. Of course there are also some things about my internship that I don't like that much but this is more based on the area where I am. Like there is hardly any public transport. The internship is a bit different then how it was described in my training plan. I can work on a variety of projects, which give me a good understanding of market research. However, there are also some points which I don’t have experienced yet, like managing clients or attending professional or social events by the company.  Read more >

Joel in Florida

The internship itself is living up to my expectations. Mostly the hours that I don’t have to work and the weekends are a lot better than I expected. I made a lot of new friends here who are willing to show me around and help me get involved in the real American culture.

Score 5/5

Business Administration

The internship is going great. It took me a little time to adapt to the culture, weather and habits. But the company took great care of me, in and outside of the office. I am learning a lot from participating in the daily activities that are going on.  Read more >

Inga-Lena in New York City

Great experience: I've learned a lot and met a lot of fun new people. 

Score 4/5

Fashion & Design Internship

I am very satisfied with the internship I did. The team was really nice and they were always available to answer my questions or for any concern. I got involved in many different projects, which was really cool.   Read more >

Domino in Darlington, Pennsylvania

I am satisfied with Stage-USA’s service and thankful that they have guided me these four months

Score 4/5

Commercial Economics/Marketing Internship and J-1 Visa Application

16th of December 2013 - Overall, how do you feel your internship went?Overall I have a very good feeling about this internship. I have gained business experience and have learned a lot about the company. I am glad that I got the opportunity to experience business in life at a young age and it will prepare me for the future.Do you have any comments about your host-company?I had an amazing time at here. The people were very friendly and did everything they could to make me do my tasks at the company and made me feel welcome from day 1. My company mentor was a good teacher to learn from and in my opinion he is interested in students who want to learn from him which makes him a good teacher  Read more >

Hessel in Los Angeles

I am very satisfied with how things are going so far and can't think of anything right now which could improve my internship experience.

Score 5/5

Internship in an educational Museum

5th of December 2013- I am very happy with how things are going so far. The people at my internship organization are very nice and have been very welcoming and I am happy with the tasks I get to do. I completed the mandatory training and experienced it as very educating and liked that I did not just get to sit back and listen, but also participate actively in it. As a result, I feel very comfortable in the workspace and I am convinced the remaining time at my internship will be very valuable as well.   Read more >

Kristy in San Diego

I am feeling good and the internship is going great! 

Score 4/5

Business Administration & Marketing Internship

25th of November 2013 - My internship is going great and i am feeling good! I am following the tasks stated in the training plan and i feel happy about the tasks i have to carry out. The internship is better as i expected! I had pretty high expectations but in reality the internship is even better.  Read more >

Ruben in Salina, Kansas

It is going pretty well! I found my place here quick and the people are very nice.

Score 4/5

International Business Internship/ J-1 Visa

November 7th 2013- My internship is going pretty well. I found my place here quick and the people are very nice. It helped a lot that i have already lived here before because i still know a lot of people and it is for me easier to feel comfortable in the workplace that way.  Read more >

Bart in New York

I am satisfied with Stage-USA's services. 

Score 5/5

Electrical Engineering Internship

14th of October 2013-  How do you feel your internship is going in general?Good! I'm happy with the company and the colleagues I have.Are you following the tasks stated in your trainings plan?Yes they show me everything and don't only let me do the normal tasks but they let me do the fun things as well.  I also see how it works to be part of a big organization.Is your internship living up your expectations?Yes it certainly is! Everything is going great.Is there anything that would improve your internship experience?I would love to see one of the machines we produced in process at a customer, but unfortunately this is not allowed according the the company-rules.  Read more >

Marc in New York

My internship is going well. I have learned a lot of new things and didn't face any problems.

Score 4/5

Engineering internship/ J-1 Visa Application

25th of October 2013 - I have learned how to apply my knowledge in practice. Due to the interviews with different stakeholders and residents i learned to understand the socio-economic issues related to a flood event. Furthermore i have finished a literature study and gained experience in how to use a literature study for scientific research. Read more >

Niels in The USA

I am very satisfied with Stage-USA. The service was excellent and ensured the visa application went as swift and smooth as possible

Score 4/5

J-1 Application Feedback

August 23rd 2013 - I am very satisfied with Stage-USA. The service was excellent and ensured the visa application went as swift and smooth as possible. If I had any questions, I never had to wait more than a day for a reply and most of the times I got an e-mail back within an hour. They do not beat around the bush. Every step of the application process and the costs related to this are clearly explained.   Read more >

Claudine in The USA

Overall I would definitely recommend Stage-USA to arrange your J-1 Visa

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa via Stage-USA

23rd of August 2013 -Initially I was trying to get my visa at another Visa-company – they refused to help me and the communication there was very poor – I did not know what was going on or what I was waiting for. Here at stage-USA – everything was explained step by step.  Read more >

Vincent in America

I am very satisfied with Stage-USA.

Score 4/5

Visa Experience Stage-USA

August 9th 2013 -I am very satisfied with Stage-USA. They supported me in the best way they could. I had a lot of questions concerning the documents that I needed to complete my application. All documents where ok, except for one out of the 15 documents. This because the sponsor organization in the USA was missing one official stamp on a document.  Read more >

Bart in Hollywood, Florida

I am learning a lot and i am beyond schedule!

Score 4/5

Marketing Internship

March 21 2013 -I am currently doing my internship on a  marketing department in Hollywood, Florida. I am halfway my internship at the moment and i am carrying out a research in order to create a marketing plan. I hope yo execute this marketing plan on a short term period. During this internship i could attend several important meetings with clients and i have learned a lot from that.  Besides this i am also writing content for promotion through social media. Read more >

Sofie in Miami

I only have good experiences with Stage-USA. They arranged my flight and Visa and internship in Miami.

Score 4/5

Tourism Internship

December 3rd 2012 -I’m currently studying Tourism in the Netherlands. During these studies it is obligatory to go on an internship abroad. My university had no possibilities in Miami, where I really wanted to go to because part of my family is living there and I could stay there for free.  I searched online to find out what other possibilities there were when I found Stage-USA offering a Front Office position in Miami. Read more >

Katharina in Miami

I had difficulties with finding a paid internship, but Stage-USA had several possibilities! 

Score 4/5

Paid Internship

28th of may 2013 -I don’t know if it is because of the cultural difference( I am born and raised in Germany), or because paid internships in de USA are very rare in general, but the reason I chose for Stage-USA was that they offer paid internships. During my search I discovered that it was almost impossible to find a paid internship abroad.  Read more >

Jasper in New York

My internship experience has been really beneficial so far.

Score 4/5

Marketing in NYC

April 19th 2012 -I am halfway through my internship right now and I have already learnt so much, it’s great to get real hands on experience in an American business and I was given a high level of responsibility from the very start. Read more >

Kees in Miami

Generally, I was very satisfied with the service of Stage-USA, thus I have already recommended them to other people.

Score 4/5

Satisfying Service

25th of october 2012 -At this moment I am 10 weeks in Miami doing my internship. Everything is going just fine. On one point I had the impression that my actual tasks were not fitting to my training plan, but after talking to the company about my it they recognized the issue and solved the problem straight away. Ever since, I am confident about my situation and enjoying my internship. Read more >

Marlijn in NYC

Completing an internship within the US is certainly an once in a lifetime oportunity and the first step to a succesful career.

Score 5/5

Perfect Match

November 2012 - I am definitely living the American dream. At the moment I am working for an Event agency within Manhattan and really can call it the “perfect match”. After only three months I can already tell that my skills have improved a lot. I have to work hard, but I do it with a lot of passion. Thus, the company assigned a lot of responsibility to me over the months. Read more >

Chantal in Miami

Overal, I could rely on the service of Stage-USA and I gained a lot of experience during my internship period within the US. 

Score 4/5

Internship Experience

13th of june 2012 -Stage-USA has been very supportive while arranging all the necessary documents. Due to a really good communication, I always received immediate answers on my questions.  Read more >


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