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Field Paid/non-paid
Interior Design - New York $10,50 per hour New York
Business Development - New York $1000 per month New York
Product Development - Miami $8 per hour Florida
Product Development $12 per hour California
Website Design $2000 - $2500 per month New York
Tourism Management Traineeship $8,22 per hour North Miami
Tourism Management $600 per month Florida
Accounting/Finance Paid $600 - $1300 per month New York
3D & Animation $300 per week New York
Video Production Unpaid Florida
Aviation Management Unpaid California
Trainees wanted for a well-known touroperator $1000 -$1500 per month Florida
Tourism Management $8.05 per hour Florida
Operations Paid Florida
Marketing & Sales Paid Texas
Web Programmer $795 per month Michigan
Operations - Tour Operator $9 per hour California
Marketing/Event Coordination $500 per month California
Graphic Design Unpaid California
Sports Management Housing + Meal Plan Florida
Sports Marketing Niet betaald California
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  • J1 Visa Nikky

    July 11, 2017 Even though Hawaii is officially a part of the USA, it sure does feel like its very own…

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    July 11, 2017 I had an outstanding time. In the case of the company I was working, I learned a…

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  • J1 Visa Mark

    July 11, 2017 My program went very well, great support throughout the whole process, which…

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